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Beauty at Salon Hår

Welcome to Beauty at Salon Hår

At Salon Hår, we work hard to ensure our beauty services are as people and eco-friendly as possible. We have a wide selection available . 

As a member of the Green Salon Collective all products are recycled wherever possible, including nail files, gel bottles, and paper consumables. 

Whether you have a big event planned or want to treat yourself, we’re here to help! Take a look at what we have to offer below . *Online booking is currently UNAVAILABLE for Nail & Beauty appointments , please message Melissa or Kim directly using our social links on our home screen to book as the salon does not have access to their working diaries.

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We use The Gel Bottle for our nail polish range, a vegan and cruelty-free range of professional nail products. These include the new Builder In A Bottle™ (BIAB™), a range of soak-off gel builders.

Services and Pricing

Full set acrylics/gels                                   £34.00

Maintenance  ( 2-4 weeks )                        £29.00

The Gel Bottle (fingers)                              £25.00

The Gel Bottle (toes)                                  £21.00

The Gel Bottle (fingers and toes)              £38.00

BIAB™ nail strengthening                         £5.00 (additional extra)

The Gel Bottle pedicure                            £33.00                                               

Tip replacement                                         £3.00 per tip

French                                                  add £3.00

Chrome                                                add £3.00

Nail art (requested on booking)       from £0.50 per nail



Soak-off acrylic/gels                                   £10.00

The Gel Bottle soak-off                              £5.00 



We use Phd™ Safewax to ensure our clients are comfortable. Phd Safewax poses minimal safety risks while providing an effective and smooth treatment. A range of applicators are used to minimise cross-contamination and to treat different areas of the body accordingly.

 Services and Pricing

Eyebrows                                                      £6.00

Lip and chin                                                  £9.00              

Forearm                                                        £11.00

Underarm                                                     £11.00

Bikini                                                              £15.00

Half leg                                                          £17.00

Full leg                                                           £24.00

(Waxing packages available on request)

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

We provide eyebrow and eyelash tinting, in addition to the recently developed brow lamination treatment. Brow lamination is a pain-free alternative to microblading and is beneficial for those with thinning or high-maintenance eyebrows. 

Services and Pricing

Eyebrow tint                                                 £6.00

Eyelash tint                                                   £15.00

LVL lash tint                                                  £35.00

Brow lamination                                          £30.00


(Patch testing is required 48 hours in advance of appointments)


*****Prices correct from 11/05/2024*****

*Online booking UNAVAILABLE for Nail & Beauty appointments

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